The Assistant Choir Director

July 11th, 2019

Les Échos du Pacifique are also supported by the gifted Alex Gowans, who has been involved in choral music since he was a young lad.  

Alex obtained a music diploma from Vancouver Community College in 1988 and sang with the Vancouver Opera between 1993 and 2003.  Since he joined Les Échos du Pacifique in 2006, Alex advises, leads exercises in sectionals, and occasionally, directs pieces.  Alex is the former Artistic Director of the Rainy City Gay Men’s Chorus (1998-2006).  He has been the Choir Director of Our Saviour Lutheran Church since 2002. We are thankful to Alex for the important role that he plays in our choir.  He assists choir members with the rhythms and/or pitches of musical pieces, while improving and reinforcing the vocal technique and the confidence of singers in the choir.