Lescarbot Reward to Evelyn Christie

March 1st, 2021

Evelyn Christie, the founder of Les Echos du Pacifique, was a recipient of the prestigious Lescarbot Award

Marc Lescarbot (c. 1570–1641) was a French author, poet and lawyer. He is best known for his "Histoire de la Nouvelle-France (1609)", based on his expedition to Acadia (1606–1607) and research into French exploration in North America. This is considered one of the first major works on the history of Canada. Lescarbot also wrote numerous poems. His dramatic poem "Théâtre de Neptune" was performed at Port Royal as what the French claim was the first European theatrical production in North America. The Government of Canada Lescarbot Award is granted to individuals in recognition of their outstanding contributions to community cultural activities.

Evelyn Christie, an Acadian by birth, was the founder of Les Échos du Pacifique. We are thus proud that she became a recipient of the prestigious Lescarbot Award! She also founded the children’s choir, les Chante-Clair, and was, throughout her lifetime, involved in many major musical events in Maillardville.