Evelyn Christie 1933-2019

October 1st, 2020

A dedication to the founder of Les Échos du Pacifique, Evelyn Christie

Dedication to our founder, Evelyn Christie

In 1969, Evelyn Christie founded the children's choir Les Chante-Clair, the first francophone choral group in Maillardville (Coquitlam) BC. In 1973, she participated in a national choral festival organized by the Alliance chorale canadienne and was inspired to start an adult francophone choir in Maillardville. By October of that year, Les  Échos du Pacifique had their first choir practice with 38 members. Today, Les Échos continue the tradition of community choral music in Maillardville, thanks to Evelyn Christie's inspiration and leadership. 

This year, we pay homage to Evelyn and dedicate our work in her memory.

Evelyn Christie Montage