Large size logo picture with a treble clef.

Our New Logo

Oct 15th, 2019

Did you notice we have a new logo? See what inspired our graphic designer and what it means to us.

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Marla, our artistic director, smiling

From the Artistic Director

Sep 1st, 2019

Welcome to the 2019-2020 season of Les Échos du Pacifique! As we embark on our 47th year of celebrating French roots, language, and culture through choral music, we are very excited to share some of the choir’s upcoming events.

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Songbook with Les Echos du Pacifique trade mark

Like to sing? We're looking for you!

Aug 26th, 2019

Come out and sing with us en français! We are looking for people who like to sing and give their best. No audition is necessary. Our four-part choir is conducted in French so having an understanding of the language will help.

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Alex Gowans face view

The Assistant Choir Director

Jul 11th, 2019

Les Échos du Pacifique are also supported by the gifted Alex Gowans, who has been involved in choral music since he was a young lad.  

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Portrait of Rita Attrot, smiling

Our Pianist

Jul 8th, 2019

Les Échos du Pacifique are delighted to have the services of Rita Attrot, a devoted piano teacher, an erudite and accomplished musician.

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music sheet on paper - sounds bites from our past

History - Sound bites

Jul 1st, 2019

Les Échos du Pacifique ont interprété une variété de styles musicaux pour une multitude d’occasions ! Voici un échantillon de notre répertoire des dernières années. Cliquez sur les titres pour entendre un extrait.

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Coquitlam Foundation blog picture

Coquitlam Foundation Grant

Feb 1st, 2018

Encouraging Arts in Coquitlams’s Francophone Community - Les Échos du Pacifique received a grant from Coquitlam Foundation. Here is the article from Coquitlam Foundation.

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