About Us

The Choir

We are the francophone/francophile choir of Greater Vancouver. Our choristers, who are from all over the Lower-Fraser region, come together every Monday evening in Maillardville, Coquitlam’s francophone quarter.We strive to promote francophone culture through song. We sing in French and English, as well as in other languages


We meet Monday nights in Maillardville, the Francophone quarter of Coquitlam.

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Assistant Choir Director

Alex Gowans

Alex Gowans face view

Les Échos du Pacifique are also supported by the gifted Alex Gowans, who has been involved in choral music since he was a young lad.

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We welcome the opportunity to sing with other groups, as was the case on May 6, 2018, when Les Échos found themselves on stage intermingled with two choirs affiliated with the Vancouver Academy of Music singing works by the French composer, Gabriel Fauré.

At our Christmas concert 2018, we were pleased to share the stage with a francophone school choir from l’Ecole Elémentaire Anne-Hébert, Vancouver.

The Director

Marla Mayson

Marla Mayson, profile view

Originaire du Québec, elle se consacre au chant depuis sa jeune adolescence. Elle possède une variété d’expériences en chant solo et en chant choral.

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The Pianist

Rita Attrot

Portrait of Rita Attrot, smiling

Les Échos du Pacifique are delighted to have the services of Rita Attrot, a devoted piano teacher, an erudite and accomplished musician.

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Our Past Tracks

Concert Spring 1993

The beginning

It was back in 1973 when several amateur francophone singers got together in Maillardville to create Les Échos du Pacifique. The choir sang at Expo 86 in Vancouver. In 1989, our group accompanied Gilles Vigneault at the Orpheum Theatre at his performance in Vancouver.


We  celebrated our 20th anniversary by a tour in Quebec. Our 25th. anniversary was highlighted by a recording entitled Déjà 25 ans made in the studios of Radio-Canada. To mark our 30th. birthday, we put on a a concert featuring excerpts from musicals from the past thirty years. In an amateur song competition organized in 2004 by Radio-Canada, the choir made it to the quarter-finals, in the cultural tradition category. In 2009-2010, the Échos du Pacifique, still dynamic and lively as ever, participated in a number of celebrations, including the 100th. anniversary of the founding of Maillardville and the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Songs from the past

Les Échos du Pacifique ont interprété une variété de styles musicaux pour une multitude d’occasions